Over the years I have accumulated many photos of our chessies as well as other subjects. Amateur photography has been a hobby. These galleries have been put together for my own enjoyment and I hope for you too.

They can be viewed by clicking on the menu titles on the right or the titles below. The galleries are described below.

Chessie Photos
- Chessies I have owned over the years
Present Chessies - Present chessies in our kennel
Chessies and kids - Photos of kids with our chessies
Puppies - Photos of puppies

General Photography

Landscapes color - assorted landscape images
Landscapes in B&W - Black and white photos.
Winter Landscapes- Winter Photos
Fall Landscapes - Photos taken during the fall season
Assorted subjects - varied subjects, things and places
People - assorted people photos
Stills - Still and closeup subjects
Sunset/sunrises - Sunrise photos
Travel - Some of our travel photos
Mexico - Travel to Mexico
Italy- Travel to Italy
Greece - Travel to Greece
Turkey - Travel to Turkey
France - Travel to France
Barcelona - Photos of Barcelona

Some of these galleries require Adobe Flash Player.


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